Gary Stewart, Tony Gafford, and Scott Matthews – the founders and principals of StewartMDM – have worked as a team for many years to design, produce, and manage exhibits that accelerate sales of clients’ products and services. Their exhibits establish memorable trade show identities and meaningful event marketing programs, sales centers, product centers, museums, and retail environments.

StewartMDM clients work directly with Gary, Tony, or Scott – not a commissioned salesperson or administrative assistant – based upon the specific set of objectives they seek to achieve.

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Tradeshow Design

Gary Stewart

Gary analyzes needs, develops strategy, and creates exhibit designs that tell client stories and help achieve key business objectives through trade shows, events, sales centers, and other environments. He and his team create designs – including custom exhibits, systems exhibits, portable exhibits, rental exhibits, and hybrid exhibits – that support a client’s unique goals.

Gary collaborates with Tony to develop production timelines and costs and with Scott to develop logistics budgets for freight, drayage, labor, show services, warehousing, and refurbishment.

Gary has a degree in Industrial Design from Auburn University and serves on Industrial Design Advisory Board. He has served as a board member and president of the Exhibit Designers and Producers Association and was awarded the EDPA Hazel Hayes Award for leadership and service to the industry. Gary had been an exhibitor and speaker at EXHIBITOR and other industry conferences.

Tony Gafford

Tony works with StewartMDM clients to develop engineering drawings and specifications to produce exhibits and graphics for trade shows and other marketing environments.

He designs original graphics – and works with clients’ in-house designers and creative agencies to leverage existing assets. He also develops cost estimates for and oversees the production of exhibits, graphics, and other creative elements. Tony leads integration of audio/visual and other technologies into client exhibits and environments.

Tony has a degree in Industrial Design from Auburn University and has been and exhibitor and contributor to EXHIBITOR and other industry conferences.

Scott Matthews

Scott works with clients to produce the Trade Show Planning Guide that identifies all vendors and costs associated with show or private event exhibition. He orders, manages delivery of, and arranges payment for all vendor services and prepares exhibits for both domestic and international shipment.

Scott attends trade shows and events upon request to supervise the installation and dismantling of complex exhibits and to provide any other on-site services and support clients may need.