StewartMDM Trials New Look for Global Pharmaceutical Company

With 5,000+ employees in 80+ countries, PRA International transforms clinical trials through people, innovation, and operational transparency – and has conducted the pivotal or supportive trials that led to FDA and/or international regulatory approval of 40+ drugs marketed across several therapeutic areas.

With U.S. headquarters based in Virginia, PRA turned to StewartMDM to find opportunities to cut mounting costs for its presence at domestic and international pharmaceutical-development shows – and to create a new experience, starting with redesigning an existing custom exhibit to engage attendees.

After preliminary design studies, StewartMDM determined building a new hybrid exhibit would deliver the content, function, look, tone, and feel better than redesigning an existing structure. The lighter, simpler structure would also reduce unnecessarily excessive costs for freight, labor, and drayage.

The cost savings the new hybrid structure generated during the first two years enabled PRA to pay for its design and production – and established a revitalized creative platform from which other trade show elements could be produced. As PRA has grown domestically and internationally, StewartMDM has applied the look, tone, and feel of the hybrid exhibit to new portable exhibits that are used at smaller shows around the world.

StewartMDM and its international partners also provide back-end services for PRA’s global trade show program.