Credit Union Finds Smart Investment in StewartMDM’s Approach

When a client referred Co-Op Services Credit Union (CSCU) to StewartMDM about taking their trade show presence to new levels, they wanted a partner who could help them stand out in a crowd and – not surprisingly – guide them toward the smartest investment.

With business growing, CSCU wanted to evolve its presence from a standard 10’ x 20’ in-line exhibit to one that would be more attention-grabbing.

Rather than outright buying – and therefore permanently owning – a new booth, StewartMDM set out to explore rental options. This approach would allow CSCU to test its new presence in a live environment without permanently investing in it.

StewartMDM designed a custom 20’ x 20’ island exhibit that boasted larger-format graphics and current high-tech applications to draw in show attendees. With some show space already reserved for the previous 10’ x 20’ booth, StewartMDM designed the new island exhibit to scale to the smaller space – without losing its audience impact.

The new style of booth was deemed a success in generating more show traffic and business leads. CSCU decided to purchase the scalable, attention-grabbing structure – with some of that cost being offset by its investment in the original rental. CSCU has evolved its experience within the same booth over the years, offering show attendees everything from gourmet desserts to iPad photo opportunities to listening pods to build a memorable experience among traffic the booth attracts.

StewartMDM also provides warehousing and all logistical services required for CSCU’s shows.