Our Exhibit Design Analysis helps us better understand your specific situation and needs. This thorough exercise is the first step in our strategic process and ensures we consider as many elements as possible in developing a sustainable strategy that returns value. During this phase, we explore:

  • Purchasing audience profile;
  • Business objectives;
  • Show-specific objectives – whether for a single show or series;
  • Past, present, and planned initiatives;
  • Key stakeholders and resources, such as advertising, public relations, marketing, meeting, audio-visual, and other agencies;
  • Recent, current, and planned marketing initiatives;
  • Competitive landscape;
  • Sales process;
  • Space and material needs assessment;
  • Message delivery;
  • Creative assets;
  • High-tech requirements;
  • Logistics;
  • And more.

This phase of the planning process drives development of a comprehensive strategy that includes measurable outcomes.

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